Remarks to the Management Report

General notes

Due to calculation processes, tables and references may produce rounding differences from the mathematically exact values (monetary units, percentage statements, etc.).

For reasons of better readability, the additional use of the female form is omitted in this report. United Internet would like to stress that the use of the masculine form is to be understood purely as the gender-neutral form.

These Annual Financial Statements are available in German and English. Both versions can also be downloaded at In all cases of doubt, the German version shall prevail.

Notice of unaudited sections in the Combined Management Report of United Internet AG for the Company and the Group as of December 31, 2023

In addition to regular management report disclosures, it is possible that reporting may also include non-management report-related disclosures (those not required by law) which are not subject to a substantive audit by the auditor. Moreover, certain information may not be verifiable by the auditor: such “non-auditable information” cannot be assessed by the auditor due to the nature of the disclosures or the absence of suitable criteria.

In the Combined Management Report of United Internet AG for the Company and the Group as of December 31, 2023, the following chapters or disclosures were identified as “non-audited management report disclosures”:

  • The disclosures made in the subsection “1.4 Main focus areas for products and innovations” are “non-audited management report disclosures”, as the content of “non-management report-related disclosures” is not audited.
  • The “quarterly development” tables contained in the subsections “2.2 Business development” and “2.3 Position of the Group” with key financial figures on a quarterly basis for the segments and the Group are “non-audited management report disclosures” as United Internet does not subject its Interim Financial Statements to a review or audit. The quarterly figures are marked accordingly as “unaudited”.
  • The German Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”) recommends disclosures on the internal control and risk management system. These go beyond the statutory requirements for the management report and are not included in the auditor’s review of the content of the management report (“non-management report-related disclosures”). In chapter 5 “Internal control and risk management system”, they are thematically assigned to the main elements of the internal control and risk management system and are separated from the disclosures to be audited by separate paragraphs and marked accordingly as “unaudited”.
  • The disclosures made in chapter “7. Declaration on Company Management” are “non-audited management report disclosures” as an audit of the disclosures contained in the Declaration on Company Management in accordance with section 317 (2) sentence 6 German Commercial Code (“Handelsgesetzbuch” – HGB) is limited to the fact that the information has been provided and the Corporate Governance Report in chapter 7 constitutes a “non-management report-related disclosure” which is not subject to a substantive audit.