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Our “Digital Guide – Ihr Ratgeber rund um Erfolg im Internet,” which we have been publishing since April 2016, provides freely accessible, internally developed content on websites, hosting, online marketing, e-mail, and IT. It has been supplemented since October 2018 by our “Startup Guide – Der Ratgeber für Gründer, Selbstständige und KMUs,” which offers useful information on how to found and manage a business. The two IONOS guides currently comprise roughly 21,600 articles in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish that are aimed at a broad target group in Germany, Austria, the UK, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.

The two guides, which have attracted over ten million visitors, provide information to large numbers of readers every year: Both beginners in the field and advanced users will find help here. As one of the first touchpoints in the customer journey, we support consumers, self-employed professionals, and small and medium-sized enterprises by providing high-quality content about digitalization. Readers will find a wide range of information ranging from basic articles such as “what is a domain,” through tutorials and “how-tos,” down to explanations of and tips on data privacy and online law. Equally, new digital topics such as artificial intelligence, deepfakes, or the US CLOUD Act are explained in easily understandable terms. As of the end of the 2021 reporting period, a new tag on sustainability was added to the Digital Guide that pulls together all articles on this topic and will be available as of January 2022.

IONOS also offers numerous useful tutorials and webinars that are freely accessible on YouTube. Examples of topics covered include how to delete cookies or successfully optimize search engines. In addition, users of the German-language Digital Guide received a monthly newsletter on topical issues.